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About Squeaky Tales


Squeaky Tales was created by Sarah Cash and Jason Smith, sister and brother who were born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

Several years ago, Sarah had an idea for a story about a mouse named Squeaky whose interactions with other animals taught him how to be a better “person” and make the world a nicer place. After years of envisioning a variety of scenarios and characters, she decided to write her first story down on paper, just to get it out of her head. 

For the longest time Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse existed only in a folder on Sarah's computer. As a practicing attorney, she didn’t have much time to think about Squeaky, especially once she and her husband started to grow their family. Then one day she realized her oldest daughter was almost the age of her potential readers. Having a better understanding of the vocabulary and attention span of a child, Sarah edited the story to make it more appropriate for her audience and, during a long car ride, she told Squeaky’s story aloud for the first time. She was surprised and delighted when her daughter requested to hear it over and over (and over!) again.

Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, Jason was living and teaching English in Japan. Many of his students found it difficult to pronounce the “-th” sound, so the word “mouth” often sounded like “mouse.” To illustrate the difference between the two words, Jason regularly drew a pair of lips on one side of the chalkboard and a mouse on the other side. Little did he know, those drawings were the first few sketches of Squeaky. When Sarah called to ask him to illustrate a children’s book, he knew just how to draw her main character.

Each book in the Squeaky Tales series focuses on a different life lesson, such as helping others, not judging someone based on the way they look, and speaking up when someone is being mistreated. Squeaky and his animal friends teach these lessons in easy-to-understand stories that children immediately love. There’s nothing particularly flashy about Squeaky; the simplicity of the stories is what makes Squeaky Tales books unique and special. 

Parents enjoy reading Squeaky’s books because they do more than just entertain—they challenge the way children think about the world around them and teach them how to positively interact with others. Squeaky Tales books are designed to be read in five minutes or less, so they’re the ideal length for bedtime stories.   

Teachers also find the Squeaky Tales series helpful to use in the classroom. The books serve as great mentor texts to illustrate desirable behavior for a positive classroom culture, and the structure of the stories is perfect for helping new readers identify the author’s purpose. 

Future books in the Squeaky Tales series, including Squeaky and the Green-Eyed Lizard and Squeaky and the People’s New Cat, will be available soon. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive information about the next book in the Squeaky Tales series!  

About the Creators

Sarah Cash, Author


Sarah still resides in Atlanta with her husband, Bedford, their two daughters, Camryn and Danielle, and their two sons, Bedford III and Aaron. When she was growing up, Sarah’s favorite books featured animal characters, which inspired her to write her own animal stories as an adult. 

Jason Smith, Illustrator


Jason lived in Japan for ten years, where he taught English to students of all ages. He now lives in Ohio where he teaches English to international students at the university and high school level. He has been drawing pictures since he was a young child and is excited to publish his art in a children's book series.