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"A sweet animal tale effectively conveys a basic but important message."

- Kirkus Reviews (click here for full review)

"This charming, brightly illustrated series promises to offer a package of education and entertainment for young readers..."

- Midwest Book Review (click here for full review)

"Cash has created an engaging story for children that also teaches a valuable lesson through her lovable main character, Squeaky. . . . She inspires children to acknowledge the various characteristics of all people and be friendly and embracing to everyone." 

- Megan Bain, US Review of Books (click here for full review)

"The text and story are unpretentious and easy to follow. ... delivers a clear and concise message on being helpful."

- The Children’s Book Review (click here for full review)

"Happy to report that my students got the points of the book and sat as quiet as a mouse to hear the story! That is a good stamp of approval!!!!!" 

- Heloise Wilson, Pre-K Teacher

"Stumbled into this gem at a relative's house for 'story time.' Kids loved it. Great story about acceptance of others."

- Christopher Klim, Novelist

"My kids love the book! They can't wait for the next stories in the series."

- Keon Holmes, Chartered Financial Analyst

"My niece LOVES the book! She likes it being read to her and she likes recognizing things in the illustrations (mouse, cheese, stove, table). Sign us up for every book in the series!"

- Lenise Lyons, Urban Planner

"I think what makes it extra special is that it's a sister and brother collaboration! Great story with wonderful hand-drawn pictures...not  computer generated, either. Nice to see a story with a solid message about learning to not look down on others and lending a helping  hand...good lessons for wee ones to learn in these days and  times...right on point. Easy to read. Great for beginning readers. My grandson wants to hear it every night! Really looking forward to more  Squeaky Squeaky and Whiskers!!"

- TellMeATale (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I really liked reading Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse. The illustrations were very detailed and full of color. Children like colors. But there is also a great lesson to be learned by reading this book. ... Buy it, read it, then be nice and pass it on."

- Robert Fiore (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"We love this book and highly recommend it! It is such a great story with a twofold message of showing kindness to others even when they haven't shown kindness to you and of not judging others. I love the message it  gives, and how it does so using the story of two mice. It also provides a great opportunity to talk with your child about what it means to be kind to everyone no matter what. The day it arrived, my 5-year old asked us to read it over and over and over again, and we have continued to read it repeatedly since then. I highly recommend this book!"

- Gregory A. Schroeder (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"My nieces, nephews and grandchildren loved this book! Any reading you do to  children makes them interested in wanting to learn and read. This book is a fun and playful learning tool about helping others and being the receiving end of the help. The illustrations are colorful and attractive, and kept the children wide-eyed and wanting to turn the page for more. Will be looking for more by this author."

- CJ (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"This is one book that I don't mind reading to my kids over and over--and it's a good thing, too, because they request it over and over. It's engaging  and features a moral that is clear without beating kids over the head with it. We are looking forward to the next book to see what Squeaky gets himself into--and the lessons he learns--next!"

- Thomas N. (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"My daughter and I love this book! It has a great message and keeps my  daughter entertained. She has even designated this book as a "night-time  book" which is the highest praise she can give. Only her favorite books  are reserved for night-time. We love it and look forward to more Squeaky Tales in the future!"

- Sarah Yaeger (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"This is an adorable book that tells the story of two unlikely friends who need  each other to survive. It's a great way to teach important life lessons in a fun and engaging way. My son and I enjoy reading this book together!"

- C. Johnson (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"This is a fun children's book that I have enjoyed sharing with my nephew. The  colorful illustrations and easy to follow storyline make it a perfect book for us to read together! Highly recommend;) we cannot wait to follow the series!"

- Eric (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I bought this book for my daughter and I hope it becomes one of her favorites. It teaches kids to have a loving heart with wonderful examples of how to  be considerate of others. Love it!"

- M. Marshall (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I bought this for my daughters and they LOVE it!! It's an awesome story that  teaches the value of helping others in a way that children will understand."

- Amazon Customer (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I purchased this book a few weeks ago with the intentions of reading to my  children a "regular ole" children's book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book contained relevant morals. It opened discussions between me and my children and made for an opportunity to to teach a lifelong lesson. I highly recommend this book as an opportunity to engage with your children while you have their attention...especially considering the society we live now"

- Amazon Customer (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I love this book, and my kids do too. Great colorful pictures help teach an  important lesson in a way my toddlers can understand. Highly recommend!"

- Amazon Customer (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"Cute story with a very good lesson for children to learn."

- cj3 (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"I purchased this book a few weeks ago and it is our three year old daughter's favorite. She especially loves the illustrations."

- Marcus Thorpe (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"My 3 year-old loves this book. She calls it the “Stinky Mouse” book. She even reminds me to read about the author and illustrator at the end of the book! It’s wonderful to have an author who is sensitive to lessons we should be practicing and teaching our children at an early age. I’m looking forward to sharing her next book with my daughter."

- BJfanforlife (via Amazon Customer Reviews)

"[T]oo often our manners go out the window when we see “The Stinky Mouse” in society. … Read this book to your children so that they’ll never forgot to treat everybody with respect."

- The Kwanzaa Coloring Book (Games and Puzzles) (via Amazon Customer Reviews)